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Owners of commercial units use rollup steel gates for several reasons. Whether a store front or warehouse situation, the steel gates provide great security for the inventory stored within the unit. Another benefit is weatherproofing and damage prevention from natural sources, such as from storms or human activity. Rollup steel gates ensure protection from vandalism, theft and break-ins.

There Are Many Types of Rollup Steel Gates

The rollup steel gates are durable and available in many designs and sizes. Custom fit gates ensure your property is sealed and secured, and they are best suited to each units’ specific requirements. Types can range from rolling or coiling grilles all the way to security grilles. Options can also include of solid gates or ‘mesh-type’ gates, allowing open visibility which is beneficial for malls when security personnel require views of the interior of the unit. The open visibility grills are most often favored by vendor-operated units in airports, malls, stadiums, banks and other areas open to public access.


Like a garage overhead door, the gates have automatic mechanisms for opening and closing them by using motors. The weight of the steel rollup gate will decide on the size of the motor, which drives its operation. Many roll-up steel gates have solenoid-actuated brakes to ensure that the door does not close or open too fast, and they also have built-in overload protection.

A Wide Variety of Materials can be used for Rollup Steel Gates

Depending on the type of steel rollup gate required, they can be made of galvanized steel rods with tubular aluminum spacers, thick galvanized rods with PVC tubular spacers or roll-formed steel. The individual slats are flat or perforated with options for a range of shapes such as curved slats, clam shell slats, or even flat or back-skin slats. The gauge of the doors can range from 26-guage to 12 gauge and can be galvanized, aluminum, stainless steel and even power coated or prime painted to a range of colors to suit.

No matter the requirements, there is an option available. These include insulated doors, fire and smoke doors, counter or industrial grilles, hurricane doors, sound resistant or marine doors, as well as warehouse and dock doors. Motors are specifically selected for each of these options. For example, with a fire door closing system, the motor utilizes a sensor that’s connected to the fire alarm system. Other options are master control panels or access control devices with key-operated, push-button or remote-controlled features. Other modes of operation are either by way of chain hoist, manual or hand-crank if a motorized option is not required.

A benefit of the roll up door is the space saving feature. Instead of opening to the side or from the bottom to the top, as with single-panel garage doors, they roll vertically up and down within its own width and breadth, and when open, it fits into a tight coil within a housing. The doors also feature the ability to be partially open whether for ventilation, access for staff, for customers or for height-restriction purposes.

Important Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Steel Roll Up Gate

When researching roll up gates for a commercial unit, the cycle operation should be a factor taken into consideration. This is the number of times the door will be open and closed within a working day, and the average should be between 10 and 20 cycles per day, as too much use directly affects the wear and tear on the slats, tracks and open and close mechanisms. The roll up gates should be regularly serviced to ensure the smooth running and to prevent injury to employees and customers alike. Staff need to have health and safety training in the operation of the doors and use must be in line with the manufacturer’s instruction manual. A secondary device for opening and closing is recommended in the event a motor fails, such as a hand crank or chain hoist option. Injuries are caused by pinch points, uncontrolled release of spring tension, falling doors, and unsafe operation of the doors.


Installation of commercial roll up steel gates should be done by a professional company to ensure correct fitting into the opening, to provide regular maintenance and to upgrade or replace parts.